3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention (Part 2)

This article will continue introducing you to the last one of the 3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention. That is content!

3. Content

There are many diverse types of content that can be organized. Let’s take a closer look.

Images make up a large part of usability: since the majority of users are controlled intuitively, the image becomes the hook point for getting basic data about the website or app. An image that represents a piece of content is both informative and engaging. The level of detail and functionality allows us to categorize images in the user interface into categories, among them:

Photo: this can be the appropriate mood-setting theme image and set of messages, illustrations, photos of e-commerce website items, header images for blog posts, etc.

Illustrations: Made in different stylesand complexity, custom illustrations show a common trend in UI design as they can be viewed both for information and original for design. Highlights.

Hero banner: mainly applied in web design, they are large images that are often the first visual elements that catch the user’s attention in the first second of interaction; they often provide a visually appealing representation of the main content of the resource.

Symbols: these are small but meaningful hieroglyphs, exchanging information and support between informant and recipient – while copies are served in letters or characters, Icons communicate through images similar to the physical world. This icon play an important role in providing clear and intuitive navigation.

Logos: images, often personified, in most cases represent brand identity, products or services and thus become iconic convention across all applications or website as well as branded items and promotional activities. Both can add positive vibrations to interactions and increase brand awareness.

Image identifiers: these are various visual markers of branding like logos, custom text for brand names and slogans, etc.