9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 1)


Your sports team’s official website is one of the most important pieces of online real estate. It introduces your sports team or club to the outside world and may be the first place where people visit to find out more information about you. Ideally, it attracts new followers, keeps your fans informed, and contains the latest news on your team’s activities, wins, losses, and other events.

Remember that online users spend just a few seconds to decide whether or not to stay on a website. On the other words, it’s only a quick glance that’s not enough time to digest any of the content.

So, I will introduce nine ways to improve your team’s website design and functionality. Make sure to follow these tips to make your team’s website visually appealing and in tune with the current web design trends.

  1. Simplify

When it comes to site elements, there is too much of a good thing.

While offering your site’s visitors a wide range of information is great, impressing them by adding every gimmick and widget imaginable can make your site easily backfire and end in overwhelm.

Therefore, firstly, you should think through every page of your website and what exactly each page is supposed to accomplish. Then eliminate anything which is not needed for this goal.

Sure, everything! Widgets, images, text, and all the other things which are cluttering up your website without having a specific purpose must be eliminated.

There is a saying “as much as necessary, as little as possible”. It is the same for the rest of your website design. The trend now is going toward a flat, no-frills design approach.

What does this mean? Well, just look at your phone. Both Google and Apple are using flat design in their operating systems.

In short, that means you should avoid gradients, textures, and other pseudo-3D elements. It makes your sports team’s website look much more streamlined and elegant.