9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 2)


  1. Use Whitespace and a Simple, Large Font

You need to make sure it is easily digestible for your visitors, especially if you have a lot of long content on your page, for example, news or a blog.

The two main elements for this are:

  • Whitespace
  • Fonts

2.1. Whitespace

Whitespace, also called negative space, is the space surrounding all content elements. To understand this, have a look around my blog. You will see the generous space surrounding each paragraph. That helps the content be easier to read and take in.

Whitespace relaxes the eyes and provides breathing room for the mind. It allows your visitors to focus on the content, what really matters.

2.2. Fonts

The second key element is font type and size. There are even some interesting studies on which fonts are the best to use on the website.

The verdict: It’s a simple typeface and you should make sure to adjust it at least 14px in size and bigger if you can!

That way helps fans and team members follow everything important in your team’s website without having to break out their glasses or use the zoom function.

  1. Preserve Your Team’s Branding

What would happen if your team shows up wearing the opposing team’s jerseys?

Jersey and colors are part of your team’s identity, that represents your club and makes your team a team.

So, is there any difference in your team’s website? Do you want your fans to feel at home when they come around?

For that reason, it’s necessary to make your team’s website recognizable not only in name but also in design. And the two key elements of your team’s “branding” are colors and logo.

Fortunately, with a little CSS knowledge, WordPress makes it easy to replace the header text with your logo image and change the color palette of any element. Plus, the SportsPress Pro plugin can also help you brand the WordPress login dashboard and screen.