9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 4)

  1. Display Upcoming Matches

Imagine that it’s the game day and nobody shows up. No parents, no friends, family, no cheers, nothing! Why did nobody show up? Because they didn’t know about your team’s match.

The information about the time when there’s a game is one of the major news that you want to share with fans and followers on your website.

Of course, WordPress makes it easy to post this form of news on your blog. Or another option is to send out the info via newsletter.

However, it is so cool to use a countdown widget right on your website’s homepage that helps every fan who is waiting for the next match of your sports team know exactly when it will be?

There are some good options available in the WordPress plugins directory:

You can enhance a calendar widget with all upcoming matches such as:

  • WordPress Event Calendar
  • The Events Calendar

With this combination, I’m sure that your team’s stadium part will never be empty!

  1. Contact Information and Social Profiles

Being able to easily connect with your team is important for true fans, press inquiries, sponsor offers, and etc. Thankfully, the Internet offers a lot of opportunity to do so.

Firstly, you should put your contact information on your team’s website via a dedicated contact page.

You should also enhance it with a contact form so that people can send you messages directly from the site. There are some favorite contact form plugins:

  • Fast Secure Contact Form
  • Contact Form 7
  • Contact Form by BestWebSoft
  • Jetpack’s Contact Form

In addition, as an Internet citizen, you are probably using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other forms to communicate with your fans and followers. So remember to make it easy for them to find you there.

There are some great plugins to add social icons to your WordPress website:

  • SumoMe
  • Ultimate Social Media
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder
  • Simple Social Icons