Best designs in video games (part 1)

Thanks to advances in technology, anything you can imagine can be realized in a video game. So you don’t need to dedicate all your time to replicating the designs and patterns that we’re used to in reality anymore. Instead, the designers have created games which are visually striking and artistically inspiring. In this article, I pick my favorite designs in games history, from chilling character costumes to outrageous environments.

  1. The hood, Assassin’s Creed

The stories of the Assassin’s Creed heroes are widely-known by hundreds of years, but there is one stylish visual hallmark tying them together: the hood.

Fashion may change over the periods of time, but hoods will always remain around in some form, making Ubisoft’s decision to incorporate it into their costume designs a stroke of genius. Whether you are in the modern-day United States or the 12th Century Middle East, it never looks out of place or anachronistic.

It also makes great sense in the context of the game since the secretive Assassins use it to conceal their identity. Each character has their own unique costume – from Ezio’s elaborate renaissance garb to Altar’s simple white robes. However, the hood is always at the center of the design, which links them in a stylish, subtle, and visual way. Additional, it makes sense for the characters as well as the eras they live in.

  1. Master Chief’s armor, Halo

Hardcore Halo fans consider it as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Suit while the others know it’s that awesome green armor that the faceless hero of the Halo series – Master Chief – wears.

The world of Halo can be best described as ‘hard sci-fi’. It is a believable universe with 2 unique sets of designs: the cold, functional vehicles and armor of the humans, and the bright, colorful ships and weapons of the Covenant.

The eye-catching green coloring of the armor has become synonymous with the series. Its design fits in with the hard-edged military aesthetic of the game, and it hides the face of Master Chief.