5 fundamentals of Visual Design you should know (Part 2)

Typography Typography is the art of presenting words. If you use the correct typeface, you can create a bold piece of text that conveys content powerfully. However, you can also easily mess things up if you choose a font that doesn’t match the content. Typography, like color, helps you define the general nuance of the content you want to convey. […]

3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention (Part 2)

This article will continue introducing you to the last one of the 3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention. That is content! 3. Content There are many diverse types of content that can be organized. Let’s take a closer look. Images make up a large part of usability: since the majority of users are controlled intuitively, […]

What is the potential of Visual Design?

Visual Design is a familiar concept in the design industry, especially in advertising design and web design. So, what is Visual Design, and its characteristics and principles? What is the potential of Visual Design? Let’s find out in the following article! I. What is visual design? 1. Visual Design concept Visual design is a type of design that focuses on […]

Do you know what graphic design needs?

With the rapid development and no sign of slowing down, graphic design is ranked among the top-earning sectors among HOT industries. The issue of learning graphic design needs what is more and more of special interest to young people. Answering the question of what graphic design learners need, the following article focuses on the skills that those who want to […]

The most creative app design trends for 2020 (part 1)

  A new decade brings new trends, and therefore the evolution of existing ones. Last year witnessed exciting developments in the spectrum of design which will develop and evolve in the New Year. Moreover, apps still combat bigger, more important roles within the development of designing. So let’s take a glance at the foremost creative app design trends projected to […]

Ten Tips for Designing Visual Content

  Following the principles of good design is crucial for whatever type of visual content that you are creating. From color and typography to proportion and data design, simple tweaks can improve your work drastically. Here are ten simple design tips to keep in mind if you are ready to elevate your visual content. 1. Color Make sure to use […]

The Necessary Skills to Become a Successful Designer (part 1)

  Web designers and related jobs like user interface designers, user experience designers, and visual designers create the designs for the web sites and web apps which we all use daily on the internet. Whether it is a huge site like Facebook or the simple website for your favorite local entertainment place, a designer is a person who decided how […]