Minimalist design

Minimalist design: practical tips (part 3)

Think Outside The Box Quite literally. A minimal design allows you to be a bit more playful with the positioning and composition of your elements, as you can see in the following publication example from Gregmadeit. The page’s positioning of the type off the edge creates a uniquely eye-catching effect but does not damage the legibility of the text. Be […]

Minimalist design: practical tips (part 2)

Let’s Get Functional Minimalism in design can only be brilliant for functionality. A clear, clean, and uncluttered design can make legibility and navigation a walk in the park. The minimal design and the clear typographical hierarchy can make the navigation of page quick, easy, and functional. Find Your Balance The relationship of visual elements like photographs and typographical elements is […]

Minimalist design: practical tips (part 1)

You might have heard the term ‘minimalism’ somewhere around here and there, especially in recent years. But what exactly is it and how to get the most out of it? Generally, minimalism means the stripping away of any unnecessary element and only focusing on what needs to be there. Due to this, minimalism encourages purpose. Therefore, here are some practical […]