The Building Blocks of Visual Design (part 5)

  Dominance The principle of dominance plays a major role to create the focus on a single element. Repeated elements without dominance can create confusion and monotony. We can use shape, color, scale, contrast, and/or positioning to achieve this. For example, each website usually has a main “hero” image, which uses dominance to draw users to it naturally. Being a […]

The Building Blocks of Visual Design (part 4)

Balance Balance is the principle about the way to distribute the elements of a design evenly. Balanced designs make us feel stable, calm, and natural, while imbalanced designs tend to appear unstable. We can achieve the balance of design by having symmetry in the design, for example, having a webpage with centralized images and text. However, you can also gain […]

The Building Blocks of Visual Design (part 3)

Principles of Design While the elements such as line, shape, volume, color, negative/white space, value, and texture describe the building blocks of the aesthetics of a product, the principles of design show us how these elements go together to create the best results. These are the principles of design, some of which are closely related and complement together. Unity Designers […]

The Building Blocks of Visual Design (part 2)

Volume Volume applies to visuals that are three-dimensional with width, length,  and depth. Because most digital products are viewed on a 2D screen, we rarely use volume in visual design. However, some websites and apps use 3D models and graphics. (Surely, 3D images viewed on a 2D screen are still 2D images.) Value Value simply describes light and dark. A […]

The Building Blocks of Visual Design (part 1)

Visual design means creating and making the general firm aesthetics of a product. It aims to improve the users’ experience by considering the effects of illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, and color on the usability of products and on their aesthetic appeal. Visual designers work with fundamental elements of visual design and arrange them according to principles of design in order […]