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4 Acer laptop models with good price for graphic design

Acer laptop is aimed at the young, with a modern design, compact, stable performance for daily activities. Here are some good-priced laptops for graphic design students. Acer Aspire 3 A315 34 P26U N5030 In the line of Acer laptops, Aspire attracts the attention of young people with its thin and light design, exuding dynamic and elegant beauty. As a laptop […]

5 fundamentals of Visual Design you should know (Part 2)

Typography Typography is the art of presenting words. If you use the correct typeface, you can create a bold piece of text that conveys content powerfully. However, you can also easily mess things up if you choose a font that doesn’t match the content. Typography, like color, helps you define the general nuance of the content you want to convey. […]

5 fundamentals of Visual Design you should know (Part 1)

What are the fundamentals of visual design? In this article, we will introduce to you 5 important factors that you should note! Let’s find out what they are! Point, Line, and Shape These are the most fundamental building blocks of any design. With all of this, you can create anything you want, from simple icons to complex illustrations. Geometrically, the […]

3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention (Part 2)

This article will continue introducing you to the last one of the 3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention. That is content! 3. Content There are many diverse types of content that can be organized. Let’s take a closer look. Images make up a large part of usability: since the majority of users are controlled intuitively, […]

3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention (Part 1)

Working on the look and feel of websites or mobile apps, designers must think not only about the meaning of beauty, creativity and aesthetics, and how people perceive structure and content that is meant to be. Today, we are going to talk about the magic formula in interface design, the aspects that play a huge role and have a big […]

Should I use a MacBook for graphic design? (Part 2)

Use MacBook to design good graphics because simply MacBook has a complete system that automatically adjusts the best color gamut at about 80 ~ 85% of reality. The MacBook is mainly used for 2D graphic design in editors because it is capable of fairly average (80% color accurate, no tweaking).

Should I use a MacBook for graphic design? (Part 1)

Choosing a laptop for graphic learning is not as simple as finding and choosing a regular laptop for office work or gaming. Many of you still wonder whether to use the MacBook for graphic design or not? Let’s find the answer with us the article below.

The reasons for choosing to study graphic design

Nowadays, the demand for promoting and marketing products and services of companies is increasing, thus spurring the development of graphic design profession.

What is the potential of Visual Design?

Visual Design is a familiar concept in the design industry, especially in advertising design and web design. So, what is Visual Design, and its characteristics and principles? What is the potential of Visual Design? Let’s find out in the following article! I. What is visual design? 1. Visual Design concept Visual design is a type of design that focuses on […]

Do you know what graphic design needs?

With the rapid development and no sign of slowing down, graphic design is ranked among the top-earning sectors among HOT industries. The issue of learning graphic design needs what is more and more of special interest to young people. Answering the question of what graphic design learners need, the following article focuses on the skills that those who want to […]