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3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention (Part 2)

This article will continue introducing you to the last one of the 3 most important things when designing the interface to pay attention. That is content! 3. Content There are many diverse types of content that can be organized. Let’s take a closer look. Images make up a large part of usability: since the majority of users are controlled intuitively, […]

The Surprising Role of Digital Design Within the Online Casino Industry

Online gaming portals such as Betway are amazingly popular and their presence continues to take hold around the world. Open to those who wish to play for fun as well as to members who hope to earn a tidy side income, the websites themselves are evolving at a breakneck pace. Although many articles focus solely on the functional aspects of […]

Top Three User Experience (UX) Design Agencies for 2019

User experience design has been the center of attention for all companies that work with UI/UX design. A user-oriented approach in web design assures high quality, navigation, and simplicity for websites. A well-designed user interface is a must-have part. Based on several quantitative and qualitative metrics, we have listed here Top Three User Experience (UX) Design Agencies for 2019. This […]

9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 4)

Display Upcoming Matches Imagine that it’s the game day and nobody shows up. No parents, no friends, family, no cheers, nothing! Why did nobody show up? Because they didn’t know about your team’s match. The information about the time when there’s a game is one of the major news that you want to share with fans and followers on your […]

The Necessary Skills to Become a Successful Designer (part 3)

  Composition Composition is the way that different elements such as headers, sidebars, etc are laid out in a design. One of the biggest parts of composition for the web is grid design principles, although there are a lot of great websites that don’t necessarily follow a strict grid. Design software If you want to be a designer, you have […]

The Necessary Skills to Become a Successful Designer (part 2)

Responsive design Mobile internet users have surpassed desktop internet users for several years. It is necessary for web designers to clearly understand responsive design and how it works. A successful designer must know how responsive design works and how to design for it while not every mobile website is responsive. Common design patterns There are many common design patterns that […]

9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 3)

Make your Website Mobile Friendly  Nowadays, surfing from mobile devices has surpassed that of desktop computers. Therefore, your sports team website should be designed to look great on any screen. Moreover, search engines like Google or Bing now factor mobile-friendliness into their search rankings. If your site isn’t at the top of search engines’ results when users search for your […]

Principles of Effective Web Design (part 3)

Design Elements Inspire Users to go Deep You must create an initial appeal in design and usability for your website’s homepage. That means each design feature is well developed with the specific purpose in order to persuade and inspire the users to go deeper into your site and to find out more, and finally, become a customer of your service […]

Principles of Effective Web Design (part 2)

  Respectful, Honest, and Engaging Social media has had a more and more significant impact on communication, both spoken and written. And visitors like to be engaged in a real “human” way. Even the biggest multinational corporations were forced to put a human face on what they do. Every headline, phrase, and word must be honest and respectful of the […]

9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 2)

  Use Whitespace and a Simple, Large Font You need to make sure it is easily digestible for your visitors, especially if you have a lot of long content on your page, for example, news or a blog. The two main elements for this are: Whitespace Fonts 2.1. Whitespace Whitespace, also called negative space, is the space surrounding all content […]