3 Inspirational Famous Art Websites

A website is an essential ingredient to the success of any artist. If you are planning to start a new art website, you need to draw a fine line between art and design. Irrespective of where your interests lie, the relationship between art and design cannot be overlooked. How well an artist utilizes their online presence of determines their success out there.

A neat and attractive website is a medium in and of itself. How you capture your visitors’ impression goes a long way determining your chances. In light of this, here are some famous art websites that perfectly bring out the artist’s work and personality.

  • James Turrell

James’ website serves to tell a story of his glorified career in art. Besides his artistic portfolio, James gets almost everything right when it comes to translating his artwork into a digital format. From a simple look, the simple nature of this site is the websites key strength. Notably, this website allows visitors easily search and access a sizable amount of his artistic career than to the intuitive cartographic timeline.

  • Banksy

Banksy is a famous street artist who relies on his website to share his artistic works to the masses. However, we can say that this site is frugal in form and information just like the artist himself. He manages to capture most essentials of visual aspects of web design quite well, and this keeps his visitors engaged and always coming back for more.

  • Tauba Auerbach

This is the truest definition of a simple website for an artist. It keeps everything simple right from communication the information to how the portfolio is arranged. In a way, the clean design comes with a visual direction that subliminally guides the eyes of the visitor all the way.

Content, purpose, and style are essential for any website. These three famous artists understand this, and this is why their works remain popular online.