Principles of Effective Web Design (part 2)


  1. Respectful, Honest, and Engaging

Social media has had a more and more significant impact on communication, both spoken and written. And visitors like to be engaged in a real “human” way. Even the biggest multinational corporations were forced to put a human face on what they do. Every headline, phrase, and word must be honest and respectful of the users, as well as have some engaging quality which makes it intriguing. For example, “put your roof to work” is more likely to get a response than “find a solar installer.” The basic concept is people want honesty and highly appreciate it. Your company may donate time to causes you care about or participate in various charity events. Become real.

  1. Designed for Usability and Functionality

When it comes to website design, usability and functionality must drive each decision and outstrip any other design considerations. In order to achieve an easy, clear, and direct path to the conversions, design and technical issues should come into play. Each link must function fast, each button and call to action must be correctly positioned, demanding just a little effort for the visitors to move forward.

  1. Cohesive in Design, Down to the Details

Your company has a unique personality. This personality is demonstrated in your products, your services, your history, the way you conceive of your mission as well as by the actions of all members of your team. Communicating your business’s unique qualities through design includes making every element, even the smallest details, a reflection of that unique personality. There are not any minor details in a design – every piece must seamlessly fit together, and create a cohesive appearance which serves to support the appeal of your brand.

  1. Easily Understood

Your visitors must be able to understand easily every word, phrase, and headline on your website without any confusion. Any unusual or less common word or phrase may drive them off. Dense and complex content won’t work. Industry-specific terms which are not in common usage will hinder your appeal. Each visual element and all site content must be laid out cleanly and clearly. Any deviation may create a barrier to conversion.