Should I use a MacBook for graphic design? (Part 1)

Choosing a laptop for graphic learning is not as simple as finding and choosing a regular laptop for office work or gaming. Many of you still wonder whether to use the MacBook for graphic design or not? Let’s  find the answer with us  the article below.

Most notebooks for graphics users have high-end hardware design and configuration to satisfy the ability to run extremely graphics software. In terms of laptop design, Apple computers have always stood out, from the material to the appearance of a seamless, monolithic and very modern design. For graphic people, when looking at MacBook for graphic design, they always have feelings of luxury of laptop and they always want to show their class and profession in the field of design and graphics.

In the long history of software development, there are many graphic design software specifically for the MacBook. Currently, the software that runs on other computers has also been designed by the manufacturer to be compatible with the MacBook. However, for Apple, they are very careful in licensing software vendors that package and run on OS X. This also makes up the brand value of Apple.

Going back 20 ~ 30 years ago, when Apple computers had a reputation in the computer market in general and the design and graphics market in particular, was the first choice for designers. Graphical design for the “Mac OS” platform and design applications are superior to what can be done on laptop computers using other operating systems. Today, in addition to Apple, there is also fierce competition from other laptop manufacturers, they combine with Microsoft’s Windows to make products with more quality, sometimes can be superior in both appearance and ability. operation of software, components and equipment inside the computer. The OS X operating system on different laptop lines gives graphic users great features, great design applications, and high software and hardware compatibility between the two platforms.