Should I use a MacBook for graphic design? (Part 2)

So should you choose a MacBook for graphic design or not?

Graphics-savvy people say:

Use MacBook to design good graphics because simply MacBook has a complete system that automatically adjusts the best color gamut at about 80 ~ 85% of reality. The MacBook is mainly used for 2D graphic design in editors because it is capable of fairly average (80% color accurate, no tweaking). Besides, the easy-to-use interface, great fonts, and other built-in tools are also part of users who still prefer to use the MacBook for their work, not just graphics.

– Regarding professional graphics, almost designers do not use MacBook because Mac computers only use weaker onboard graphics cards than discrete graphics cards (nowadays, more discrete graphics cards appear on the lines. MacBook) and the screen does not display accuracy over 90% of the actual.

Here are 3 basic work characteristics, corresponding to 3 options for you when starting to enter the path of professional graphic design:

+ Graphics 2D (Graphics Design)

In terms of 2D graphic design, the MacBook does a very good job of it, especially in web design and applications that don’t require high color accuracy. For the most accurate design you need to recalibrate the screen color of the MacBook. Using a MacBook for graphic design in this case makes a lot of sense.

3D Graphics (3D game design, architectural visualization, interior design, industrial design …)

Using a MacBook in this case is also considered by graphics experts to be weaker than other specialized computers. Even the MacBook Pro only uses mid-range 3D design because the graphics card (usually onboard) and the amount of RAM is moderate, not high. Currently, the new MacBook Pro line also integrates the new graphics card “IRIS Pro” also only handles “light” 3D images, 3D images bring complexity and high color resolution, the use of MacBook Pro also can not respond to other laptops with more powerful discrete graphics cards

+ VFX graphics, montage

In the editing task, the continuous processing time is long, causing the temperature in the computer to heat up so the thin laptops, with limited cooling system such as the MacBook for graphic design ( especially the MacBook Air ) will not be suitable.

In short, when you decide to become a professional graphic designer, you must have the right direction for choosing the right equipment for your favorite job. If you only use at the normal level of graphic design such as website design, design of small and medium range advertising posters, then using the MacBook for graphic design is the perfect choice. On the contrary, when your graphics work needs are higher and more professional, you should consider carefully whether there are other laptops or even desktop computers. You are highly efficient at work, then the MacBook is also not the last choice in graphic design.

Hopefully, through this article, you can already come up with a choice of MacBook for graphic design.  If there are any difficulties, please share with us.