The most creative app design trends for 2020 (part 2)


  1. Futuristic color overload

Another one big upcoming app design trend for 2020 is maxed-out colors. And although app designers are using all colors of the rainbow into their designs, a few in particular – blue, pink, purple, and other neon colors – seem to be the stand-outs. Why? They are the colors of the future.

Beyond looking hip with purple and blue, there’s another reason why designers are playing with color in a bigger way than they have before, and it’s also tech-related when today’s phones usually show bold and vibrant colors.

  1. Transparent elements

As we can see in other design trends, gradients remain strong in 2020. In terms of apps, what separates them from how we have seen them being used in the recent years is the way designers are working with gradients. This year, gradients, color pops, and overlays are almost transparent and semi-transparent on the screen.

Through making certain design elements transparent, designers make it easy to fit much information into one page without making it seem overwhelming or heavy. This is important since on a phone, you don’t have much space to work with.

  1. Rounded, organic shapes

Rounded, organic shapes are another trend that we are seeing in places beyond app design. Like many other app design trends in this article, these soft shapes are gaining traction as they make sterile tech environments easier to interact with. Particularly, finance is the area where round shapes in app design can be used in order to subvert uncomfortable expectations.

  1. Dark mode

Everyday, we spend about three to five hours looking at our phones and although that can hurt our eyes and drain our batteries, our habits aren’t going to change any time soon. This year, app designers are focusing on dark mode while adapting to our phone habits. In dark mode, light text is contrasted against dark-colored backgrounds. Viewing apps in dark mode can protect your eyes from eye strain as you are scrolling and texting in dim rooms. It’s also less taxing on your phone’s battery.