The most creative app design trends for 2020 (part 1)


A new decade brings new trends, and therefore the evolution of existing ones. Last year witnessed exciting developments in the spectrum of design which will develop and evolve in the New Year. Moreover, apps still combat bigger, more important roles within the development of designing. So let’s take a glance at the foremost creative app design trends projected to be 2020’s hottest.

  1. Illustrations front and center

In 2020, illustrations in apps are going to be big-literally. Not just graphics, but true illustrations that showcase the works of art that the apps are. during a lot of cases, we’re seeing flat and semi-flat illustrations in contrasting, eye-catching palettes. An illustration can feel more organic than a photograph or a graphic that feels, well, graphical. Apps designate images comfy, familiar environments by giving users ones that feel organic.

This app trend aims to catch users’ attention and hold onto it long enough to form sure they’ve got all the knowledge they have, like the follwing Angelina Skiba’s weather app design that shows users exactly what’s happening outside in order that they skills to plan their outfits and their itineraries.

  1. Serif fonts

As long as apps are a thing, they’ve been dominated by Helvetica fonts. In 2020, that’s changing. Although Helvetica fonts aren’t going anywhere, designers are demoting them to support roles as well as giving Serif fonts ad.

Using two sorts of fonts together creates a visible hierarchy, instantly separating headlines from supporting text. As we can see in Martin Zagawa’s design for a social app, Serif fonts are for the structural, unchanging text within the app just like the user’s name and their upcoming events feed. In contrast, Helvetica fonts are for all the temporary and changeable information, just like the names and dates of specific parties.

It’s clear that apps are well beyond the planet of Whisper and Angry Birds. We use apps in order to manage our investments, broker business deals, or discuss our thoughts with our therapists. As apps combat a more important role in our lives, Serif fonts underscore this role and give them the gravity that they deserve.