The reasons for choosing to study graphic design

Nowadays, the demand for promoting and marketing products and services of companies is increasing, thus spurring the development of graphic design profession. Appeared from the beginning of 2008 up to now, the graphic design profession has been widely known and known by many people, especially young people, but the benefits and advantages of this industry are not well known. Join us to find out a few reasons why it can become one of the 10 hottest jobs today.

Study graphic design – always find a job, while the unemployment rate of other disciplines is quite high (ranging from 60% -70%).

In recent years, especially since the end of 2011, service and product marketing sectors have strongly developed. Therefore, it requires huge human resources. You try looking around yourself, any product must be beautifully designed, eye-catching to attract people. To achieve that requirement, no one other than graphic designers, products or services are successful or not partly thanks to the design team.

While other industry students are struggling to find jobs, it seems that you, after the graphic course, have found jobs while still in the process of studying. Many of you have proven your own brand in the field of design.

Flexible working time

The most important thing for the designer is the product design, not the time spent in the office, so you can play for a week, go home late, work at the cafe … as long as you deliver the correct design. deadline and quality guarantee.

There are always career options available

Perhaps no other discipline can be as diverse as the graphic industry. After finishing the graphic program what can you orient your forte? logo design, brand identity design, … and just spend a little more time by exploring the fields yourself and you can do it.

In addition, you can also work in the field of advertising film production, 3d graphic design, 3d animation, … these are also industries that attract many young people because of their high income and can determine your creativity.

Unlimited work borders

The nature of the design industry allows young people to exchange and work over the internet, so designers can fully accept jobs from different provinces across the country, even accept jobs from abroad. Just being good at English, professional working style, on time, boldly trying, foreign contracts will bring high profits and many interesting experiences.

Very attractive salary.

It takes about 1 to 2 years to learn a profession, after graduating from school, the average graphic designer will receive a starting salary of 6 million / month. This salary can be even higher and even limitless if you have solid skills, have the spirit of hard work and always meet the requirements of customers in the best way. Not only with high salary, graphic design is also a profession that helps you advance and get a high position in the company you work for. Initially you just started as an employee, but then you can be the head of the design department, creative director,…