The top design tricks casinos used on players (part 1)


There’s such a lot additional occurring within the average casino than meets the attention. However, most of us tend to bear in mind of solely what’s happening on the surface; we have a tendency to see solely what the casino desires us to visualize. Our senses are dazzled by the spirited atmosphere that’s complete with lights, sounds, drinks, and food, that keeps us pleased and cozy, feeding the joys and hope that we’ll be following huge winners. Happily, we have a tendency to move around the casino floor fully oblivious to the actual fact that these gambling institutions are using casino psychological science tricks to keep us enjoying and disbursal additional.

There’s a reason why the casino nearly always wins. The subsequent are the top design tricks that casinos use to govern gamblers into enjoying for as long as doable.

  1. No clocks and no windows

If you don’t wear a watch to the casino otherwise you forgot your phone reception, sensible luck searching for the time. Time has no which means in an exceeding casino. You won’t realize an entrancing sight and there are not any windows or skylights to assist you to establish if it’s light-weight or dark outside. Casinos are advisedly designed to seem identical, despite the hour. Whether or not it’s 3 a.m or 3 p.m, the atmosphere is unchanging. Once you’re within the casino, your internal sense of your time shuts off. All that exists could be a current that stretches on till you allow. Players United Nations agency don’t grasp the time aren’t in an exceedingly hurry to quit enjoying.

  1. Crazy carpets

Most customers of casinos can agree that these gambling institutions have the gaudiest carpets around. Believe it or not, these bright colored carpets, with wild moving patterns and psychedelic styles, are not any mistake. They are, in fact, another one in all the casino psychological science tricks that keep players alert and happy, encouraging them to play additional. A gimcrack carpet won’t lull your eyes to sleep; it’ll shock them back to wakefulness.