Tips to Create Effective Color Palettes for Visual Design Beginners


In the wonderful world of design, there aren’t too many hard and fast rules. That’s a part of what makes the work such a lot fun: you’re not always confined to a strict set of requirements or standards, and there’s many opportunity to experiment with different ideas to your heart’s content!

But it takes time to develop an eye fixed for design, and if you’re fresh thereto, the seemingly limitless possibilities can feel a touch daunting, to mention the smallest amount. So to assist you start, here are some tips to make effective color palettes within the field of visual design.

Think of any big brand (Target, Facebook, Google) and you’ll probably remember the colors related to it. Color may be a powerful visual design tool, and therefore the palette used on an internet site can have an enormous effect on how we feel a few company or its products.

Learning the way to pair colors will assist you to make designs that are visually pleasing, memorable, and increase the user’s overall experience of the location. But with a practically infinite number of color combinations, how does one even begin to create a color palette?

Start with the messages and values you would like to accompany your product. Does one want to be stalwart and trustworthy, youthful and energetic, or cutting-edge and daring? Choose two or three keywords and start by choosing one or two “brand colors” that align with those concepts and appearance good together. You’ll build your palette from there!

When choosing additional colors, remember to incorporate neutrals-colors that are very on the brink of white and black. These are going to be very useful as background colors. However, attempt to confirm that your neutrals have a connection to the remainder of your palette: within the illustration above, we’ve taken the blue color and chosen a really light blue and a really navy as neutrals.

Finally, consider adding an accent color – something contrasting that you simply could use to select out small elements like links and buttons.