Top Amazing Casino Designs In The World (part 1)


Casino design is a science in itself. Every detail inside a casino, from the layout of the gaming tables to the pattern of the carpet, is purposefully planned out to help offer an amazing gaming experience.

There are many casinos all over the world taking the design of their facilities to even greater heights to make their guests’ playing experience even more memorable. Below is a list of top amazing casino designs in the world.

  1. The Venetian Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, the US)

Offering 140 table games, the most slots in all of Las Vegas, and a sportsbook with 118 wagering stations, the Venetian is a no-brainer for Vegas visitors who are looking to gamble in a lavish setting.

And if you are looking for a little break from the action on the casino floor, the hotel’s relaxing gondola rides will make you think that you have transported from Vegas to Venice.

  1. Adelaide Casino (Adelaide, Australia)

Situated inside a historic railway station, Adelaide is the only licensed casino in South Australia.

In spite of being a heritage-listed site, the gaming experience inside the casino is a completely modern one, offering about 100 table games and more than 900 gaming machines.

  1. Sun City Resort (Rustenberg, South Africa) 

Perhaps there is no other place in the world offering the ability to both gambles on big games on a real wildlife safari within the same complex.

Made up of four hotels, the complex Sun City Resort provides two 18-hole golf courses, a concert venue, nightclub, cinema, high-end shopping, a waterpark, and theatre all in a scenic African setting. If you can have time to make it back from its expansive grounds back to its casino, you will encounter progressive slots, ample table games, and much more in an exquisitely-decorated casino.

  1. Baden-Baden Casino (Baden-Baden, Germany)

Situated near Germany’s scenic Black Forest, Casino Baden-Baden is often regarded as one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. Exclusive and exquisite, even just entering the casino requires the most formal of wear.

Luxury seeps from the walls when you play all the classic table games amongst classic German architecture and décor. The facility is a famous summer destination for the elite, and also offers a spa, world-class dining, and a conference complex.