Top Amazing Casino Designs In The World (part 2)


  1. Casino de Genting (Pahang, Malaysia)

The only legal land-based casino within the entire country, the Genting Highlands complex and its five hotels (one of which was the world’s largest for an eight-year period) offer the right Southeast Asia getaway for the whole family.

Featuring a good array of entertainment options and one among the world’s biggest hotels, the Genting Highlands may be a dream for any gambler with a family.

Besides gaming, visitors can enjoy a theme park (closed until 2016 for renovations in order to become the primary 20th Century Fox World park), as well as four different bars and clubs, award ceremonies, live filming of TV shows, and a scenic gondola lift.

  1. The Ritz Club (London, United Kingdom)

Although there are a lot of Ritz Clubs located round the world, the title of the foremost elegant may belong to the one that is located within the heart of London’s Piccadilly Square.

Like all Ritzes, the London version offers gambling, dining, and lodging experiences rivaled by only a few other hotels and casinos.

Seemingly straight out of a Bond movie, the ornate red and gold walls scream opulence as members play high stakes everything (even the slots). Membership is private, but if you’re privy enough to tend admittance you’ll be hobnobbing with London society.

  1. The Bellagio (Las Vegas, Nevada)

    Bellagio at night

Any list of this type would be incomplete without MGM’s Bellagio resort. Likelihood is that you’ve seen the resort’s iconic fountains in only about any movie that has taken place in Vegas (like Ocean’s 11), but even as unique is that the hotel’s gambling experience.

More than just pretty fountains, the Bellagio offers a number of the simplest poker and gambling in Vegas (and the world).

A favorite of the pros, just walk round the high-limit (and we mean high) tables within the Bellagio’s poker room and likelihood is that you’ll have a poker celebrity sighting or three. And that’s to not mention the casino’s 2,300 slot, video slot, and video poker games which commonly feature jackpots that reach the millions.