Top Three User Experience (UX) Design Agencies for 2019

User experience design has been the center of attention for all companies that work with UI/UX design. A user-oriented approach in web design assures high quality, navigation, and simplicity for websites. A well-designed user interface is a must-have part.

Based on several quantitative and qualitative metrics, we have listed here Top Three User Experience (UX) Design Agencies for 2019. This list might facilitate your search and guide you among a large number of design agencies offering a variety of services. So, find UI/UX design services according to your needs and financial capacity.


Momentum Worldwide starts the list of Top 2019’s Best UX Design Agencies, according to Momentum strives to help businesses all over the world understand, imagine, and create their own brand identity through UI/UX design.

In spite of the industry, company experts deliver an impressive user experience for their clients because they believe that customer-centered design is the answer to all questions.

The company offers technology-driven and decision-based services for better customer experience management.


Since 2000, Praxent has launched over 300 successful products and earned the title of the leading UX design agency from Clutch.

Praxent’s experts know precisely how to turn customers’ experience into business growth. A dedicated team of designers helps you to design a product which will become a digital innovation. Praxet experts will also guide you through all the stages of design on the way to reach your business goals.

Brave UX

Brave UX is a full-service user experience agency oriented both towards the building and design of interfaces. The company encourages only research-based solutions. It has reached a leading position in the list of Top User Experience Agencies by Clutch.

Brave UX’s experts enjoy solving complex tasks as well as developing sophisticated interfaces. The company covers a wide range of services, beginning with conception and branding up to front-end development. Undoubtedly, Brave UX is a reliable partner that can guarantee a corresponding level of user satisfaction for your brand.