Designing a Casino Site

Just like any other type of mainstream business, modern-day casino websites rely on more than their offerings – a thoughtful repurposed casino website plays a huge role in their modus operandi. Casino websites should feature a combination of key visual and functional aspects to meet their operational goals and milestones. While this might seem to be a trivial issue, any established casino owners can tell the presentation is critical in online casinos.

Style and Theme of a Casino Website

A decent casino website should have a “luxury” feel. Avoid using the reasonably common standard approaches used on most online casinos – just overlying some icons on a dark background. Have some dark colors on accented areas like the headers and footers and lighter shades with some minimalist texture on the central content area.

Injecting some “wow” factor into a casino website is vital considering that this is not just a website for any other business. A feeling of luxury and authenticity goes a long way in making the site attractive, modern, and appealing.

Page Descriptions

  • Homepage: The layout used on your homepage should be fairly standard with fundamentals likes the site navigation menu, main menu, user bar, game fitters, and a hero banner. In the home page, proven casino icons from popular brands.
  • Promotions: This page should be neatly designed to accommodate current promotions and upcoming offerings using a combination of graphics and promotional content.
  • Inner content page and form: Besides the inner content page, you also need a combination of headers (h1, h2, h3 …), text content, and other visual appeal elements like buttons.

Part of good casino website design practices also revolves around having a responsive layout with a similar design being used for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, avoid using complex features like bested menus and drop-downs. A good design should be simple, easy to use, and visually appealing.