Top Amazing Casino Designs In The World (part 2)

  Casino de Genting (Pahang, Malaysia) The only legal land-based casino within the entire country, the Genting Highlands complex and its five hotels (one of which was the world’s largest for an eight-year period) offer the right Southeast Asia getaway for the whole family. Featuring a good array of entertainment options and one among the world’s biggest hotels, the Genting […]

The top design tricks casinos used on players (part 1)

  There’s such a lot additional occurring within the average casino than meets the attention. However, most of us tend to bear in mind of solely what’s happening on the surface; we have a tendency to see solely what the casino desires us to visualize. Our senses are dazzled by the spirited atmosphere that’s complete with lights, sounds, drinks, and […]

Tips to Create Effective Color Palettes for Visual Design Beginners

  In the wonderful world of design, there aren’t too many hard and fast rules. That’s a part of what makes the work such a lot fun: you’re not always confined to a strict set of requirements or standards, and there’s many opportunity to experiment with different ideas to your heart’s content! But it takes time to develop an eye […]

The most creative app design trends for 2020 (part 2)

  Futuristic color overload Another one big upcoming app design trend for 2020 is maxed-out colors. And although app designers are using all colors of the rainbow into their designs, a few in particular – blue, pink, purple, and other neon colors – seem to be the stand-outs. Why? They are the colors of the future. Beyond looking hip with […]

Top graphic design software of 2020 (part 2)

  Adobe Illustrator CC Very powerful Consistent UI with Photoshop Windows and Mac Expensive Adobe Illustrator is Photoshop’s vector version, and the two share a lot of common tools and functions in order to aid designers who use both. But if you need to design graphics that are can be rescaled from a postage stamp to a giant billboard, Illustrator […]

Top Amazing Casino Designs In The World (part 1)

  Casino design is a science in itself. Every detail inside a casino, from the layout of the gaming tables to the pattern of the carpet, is purposefully planned out to help offer an amazing gaming experience. There are many casinos all over the world taking the design of their facilities to even greater heights to make their guests’ playing […]

Top graphic design software of 2020 (part 1)

  Although there is a lot of drawing and painting software, as well as photo editing software available, you ideally want something that is based on designing in vector graphics, along with other color editing options. This is a particular concern for the graphic design field, where the images and designs used might need to be recreated in very large […]

Color trends to try in 2020 (part 1)

2020 is just around the corner, meaning that the world of design is going to see a host of new trends in the design space. When it comes to design, there is no single element that is more impactful than color. The colors that you incorporate into your design can change the look, feel, and perception of your work completely. […]

Designing Technology: Creative Future for Visual Designers

The power of UI/ UX has been up for debates for so long and finally, people are seeing the trends in which good UI/ UX plays an important role in the success of a brand/ organization. If the design doesn’t fit well with the messaging or the core philosophy of a brand, people won’t be able to connect with it. […]

9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design (part 1)

  Your sports team’s official website is one of the most important pieces of online real estate. It introduces your sports team or club to the outside world and may be the first place where people visit to find out more information about you. Ideally, it attracts new followers, keeps your fans informed, and contains the latest news on your […]